Clock Will Soon Begin Ticking For Tom Berg

Tom Berg

We’re less than a month away from one of the biggest and most exciting promotions ever attempted at WKVI. Tom Berg, who was part of a group that brought you the Giant Pumpkin Drop, will be attempting to go into the Guinness World Records book for longest continuous radio broadcast by a single host.

The record is 183 hours, but Berg says he’s shooting for 187. The clock will start ticking at 5 a.m. on July 9, and if all goes well, will end July 16 at midnight.

Anita Goodan and the rest of the staff will be assisting Tom in his quest for immortality. Even if he fails, you are guaranteed to hear things on the air you’ve probably never heard before – when was the last time you heard a man slap himself in the face to stay awake during a broadcast? How will a weather forecast sound after several days of sleep deprivation?

Anita has promised to provide Tom with minty chewing gum, periodic foghorn blasts, jokes to make him laugh, and searchlights to increase the candlepower in the control room tenfold.

Whatever happens, people around the world will, hopefully, be listening and watching what happens. Please call during the attempt to encourage Tom to “go for the gold!”