Drought Affects Water Levels; Beware Hidden Obstructions

Keith Wildeman

The drought is affecting everyone from farmers to outdoor enthusiasts.

Conservation officer Keith Wildeman said that because of the drought conditions, water levels are low in public freshwater lakes, rivers, and streams. You should be prepared to run into issues while visiting your favorite lake or river because of the low water levels.

If you are boating at Bass Lake or Koontz Lake, or in the Kankakee River, Yellow River, or Tippecanoe River, the low water levels could cause you to run into obstructions in the water that you wouldn’t normally see. Boats could also run aground due to the shallow water in these waterways.

Wildeman warns that even though the water levels are low, you should always wear a personal floatation device or life jacket when out on a boat or in the water. He said it only takes a split second for things to go wrong. This is a popular season for floating in canoes, kayaks and tubes and if you participate in these types of activities, you are required to wear a life jacket.