Expanded Programs Help NIPSCO Customers Save More Money and Energy

NIPSCO recently announced expanded programs for homes and businesses that invest in energy-efficient equipment by adding new money and energy-saving product rebates.

“With the addition of new types of rebates, we hope to encourage more people to choose high efficiency equipment for their homes and businesses,” said Kevin Kirkham, director of energy efficiency programs. “Since our rebate program began in 2008, more than $8 million in rebates have been given to customers.”

The Energy Efficiency Rebate Program is a cash-back rebate offer aimed to help NIPSCO residential customers easily afford high-efficiency options when replacing electric or natural gas equipment. Furnaces, boilers, water heaters, heat pumps and programmable thermostats qualify for the rebates, which range from $20 for a programmable thermostat to $500 for a ductless heat pump.

Applications and a list of qualifying products, including brands and models, are available at NIPSCO.com/SaveEnergy or by calling (800) 721-7385.

Commercial and industrial natural gas customers now have access to additional incentives as well, by combining the new Custom Incentive Program and Prescriptive Incentive Program. Eligible businesses could receive more than $1 million per year for upgrading existing equipment or systems.

For commercial and industrial electric customers, additional rebates are available through NIPSCO’s partnership with Energizing Indiana, a statewide energy efficiency effort. Businesses or organizations which purchase efficient lighting, HVAC, kitchen appliances and more can take advantage of these savings.

A full list of programs available to NIPSCO customers to help manage energy use can be found at NIPSCO.com/SaveEnergy. These programs support NIPSCO’s efforts to reach statewide energy efficiency goals of two percent by 2019.