Fireworks Displays May Fizzle Out In Marshall County

Public fireworks displays in Marshall County are in jeopardy, as the disaster declaration for the county has prohibited the launching of consumer fireworks. Marshall County Emergency Management Agency Director Clyde Avery says the decision as to whether or not to allow public fireworks displays to take place this year will ultimately fall on the shoulders of the county commissioners.

Avery says one jurisdiction has decided to move forward with their fireworks display this year, so Avery will meet with the commission president to reevaluate conditions and decide whether or not to allow the fireworks show. Legally, fireworks are not supposed to be launched until today, according to state statute – but Avery says they’ve always had a problem with people discharging fireworks before they’re legal.

The first burn ban this year in Marshall County was enacted on June 13, and was reevaluated on June 20. A second ban was issued, effective until June 27, when it was again reevaluated and reenacted, this time banning public fireworks displays and consumer fireworks. The first two bans only discouraged residents from igniting fireworks.

As of now, no consumer fireworks are allowed to be ignited in Marshall County, but the commissioners will soon decide whether or not to allow the use of fireworks for this upcoming time of celebration.