From the WKVI Archives

As the Starke County Jail Committee discusses an upgrade today, commissioners Don Thompson, Todd Troike, and Joe Weinberg were talking about an upgrade to the jail 39 years ago.

On June 3, 1973, the commissioners met with James Garman, an architect with M&W, Inc. Also in attendance at the meeting were Sheriff Harold Wyland and Auditor Jack Milner.

Some of the discussion items included whether to consider the feasibility to serve both county and city departments, whether to put a basement in the new building, and space requirements for 30 inmates. They also discussed where to place the drunk tank, interrogation rooms, booking offices, squad room, and laundry room. A brief debate was held regarding whether or not a kitchen was a requirement, and whether or not to add the sheriff’s living quarters onto the jail. Finally, they reviewed neighboring Jasper County Jail estimates that were quoted at $175,000 for cells and $500,000 for the building.

From the discussion, it was decided that the kitchen, if necessary, and squad room would be placed in the basement.

They left agreeing to look at schematic floor plans on August 29, 1973. Also, Auditor Milner was instructed to invite Judge Marvin McLaughlin, Juvenile Officer Barker, Reverend Berning, and State Police Commander Sheets to the next meeting.