North Judson Festival Celebrates Agricultural Aspect of Mint

There is one element of the Mint Festival that makes it completely unique: mint! The agricultural aspect of mint is celebrated during this time and many farmers in the North Judson area and in Starke County produce mint that is used in every day items such as toothpaste, gum and candies.

Mint Festival President, Terry Thompson, says the oil that is distilled from the mint plants will be available for purchase during the festival.

“We do have the mint oil that everybody loves,” said Thompson. “We have mint plants and hopefully we’ll have some mint candy.”

Thompson added that there is an annual activity that always draws interest: the Cooking with Mint contest.

“They can make anything with mint. They can make a main dish, dessert, pasta – everything. It’s awesome. It all tastes really good,” Thompson said.

The prepared product using mint or mint flavoring and the recipe will be accepted at the Girl Scout Cabin on State Road 10 between 9:00-10:45 a.m. CT. A 3X5 index card must be submitted with your entry at the time of registration. Judging begins at 11:00 a.m. Your recipe will be retained by the Mint Committee to be used in the Cooking with Mint recipe book.

**NOTE** WKVI received word that Friday’s Mint Idol Contest and the Guitar Hero Contest have been canceled. The organizer of both events had a sudden family emergency Mint Festival President, Terry Thompson, apologizes for any inconvenience and asks that questions be directed to her by calling (574) 806-1358 or Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry at (219) 395-6504. Plans are being made to bring back those two features in next year’s festival. All other Mint Festival activities will proceed as scheduled.