North Judson Town Board Passes Two Resolutions

North Judson Town Board

The North Judson Town Board passed two resolutions at its meeting this week. The first resolution concerned modifications to the grant received by the board from the Kankakee-Iroquois Regional Planning Commission for the State Road 39 project. Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry says she received an email from a KIRPC representative who informed her that the board needed to pass a resolution concerning modifications to the grant.

The board also passed a resolution concerning the town’s anti-nepotism policy, which Henry says is included in the handbook, but a revision was required. She says although their current policy is more stringent than the state-mandated policy, the state requires that the policy address step-relatives. The handbook was revised to include the required content.

A surveyor gave the board an estimate on the cost to plot, measure, and place markers in the Highland Cemetery’s 13th section, which was never properly surveyed. She says the estimate came in at $2200, but it is a very rough estimate and will likely change. The board voted to go ahead with the plotting.