Paul Gougeon Was This Year’s Grandfather of the Year

Paul Gougeon and Kaeleigh Higgins

Yesterday was a special day for Paul Gougeon, who found himself in the North Judson Mint Festival Parade as the 2012 Grandfather of the Year.

Gougeon says he felt honored when he was nominated by his granddaughter, Kaeleigh Higgins.

“I’m not only honored to have been selected, but honored that my granddaughter wrote the winning entry,” Gougeon said.

Gougeon’s wife, Anita, explained why Kaeleigh nominated him as Grandfather of the Year.

“Since I’m the president of the Pop Warner Football League, he’s always helping me out. He’s a businessman in Hammond, but he helps all he can in North Judson. That’s what Kaeleigh put in her letter,” Annette explained.

And to top it off, another granddaughter, Peyton Frazier, was crowned Little Miss Mint for this year’s celebration.