State To Inspect Starke County Jail July 17

The annual state jail inspection is coming up for the Starke County Jail. On July 17, state officials will inspect the facility, check the safety of its inmates, and ensure that the jail conforms to state guidelines for running a corrections facility.

Sheriff Oscar Cowen says that while they have in the past been written up for overcrowding issues, he’s confident they will not be flagged for it this year. He says the housing of prisoners in the Pulaski County Jail has allowed them to keep the population down to the jail’s limit of 62 prisoners.

The housing of prisoners at Pulaski County has an annual cost of roughly $72,000.

Cowen said he does not expect the inspection to have any impact on the jail committee’s decision. He says the results from previous inspections were actually what spurred the jail committee to begin working on a solution to the overcrowding issue.