West Central School Board Approves RISE Evaluation Model

West Central School Superintendent Charles Mellon

The West Central School Board approved the corporation’s RISE Evaluation model. Superintendent Charles Mellon said it is similar to the teacher and administrator evaluation model used by the state.

“There would be a new evaluation system for principals as well as myself,” said Mellon. “People outside the actual classroom have their own separate evaluation but it mirrors the others. The media specialist has an evaluation, and those type of people who are not in the classroom but who work directly with kids will have their own evaluation. The counselors would have their own evaluation, but again, it mirrors the RISE model.”

Officials at the Department of Education explain that RISE relies on multiple sources of information to paint a fair, accurate, and comprehensive picture of a teacher’s performance. Through classroom observations and conferences, RISE provides a clear picture of what teachers do in their classrooms and schools. It also provides information on the most important aspects of teaching: planning, instruction, leadership, and student learning.

The evaluation looks at a teacher’s professional practice and measures student learning. A teacher’s salary is dependent on the success of the evaluation.