Winamac Town Board Discusses Nepotism Ordinance

Winamac Town Hall

The Winamac Town Board members Monday night discussed how they are going to implement the town’s nepotism ordinance.

The board recently passed a nepotism ordinance that closely mirrors the state’s new law on the subject that will take effect July 1. House Enrolled Act 1005 states that all local government entities must implement and adopt a nepotism policy consistent with the Indiana code.

The town’s policy outlines that after July 1, an individual who is a relative of an existing employee may not be employed by the town in a position that results in one relative being in direct line of supervision of the other relative. Those who already may be employed in this capacity may be grandfathered in after the law takes effect July 1. A relative of an elected official, an individual who works or is appointed to any department or board on any basis, or a member of the fire department and police department will not be approved for employment under this policy.

The policy also regulates contracting with relatives of individuals employed by the town of Winamac for goods, services, and public works projects.

The board will be working to put together an implementation plan in order to comply fully with the ordinance.