WWII Reenactment Quickly Approaching

The sound of gunfire and the hustle and bustle of military life during World War II will soon fill Wythogan Park in Knox.

The US 1st Infantry Division, known as the “Big Red One,” is hosting a WWII reenactment as part of the World War II Historical Reenactment Society. The sounds of battle will be heard coming from Wythogan Park, where the reenactors will try to offer visitors a feel of what this exciting period of history must have been like. Chaplain Jay “Sky Pilot” Shuttz says the reenactors are collectors and serious students of history, representing several different nationalities who will try to dress, equip, and conduct themselves in proper 1944 manner.

“We do historical, living history– bringing history to life, being able to feel, touch, and smell World War II. You will see units from the Polish, the Germans, and of course the American G.I.s. You’ll be able to touch the things of the past: the tents, the houses, with permission of course. There will be weapons demonstrations. There will be period language. You will hear German from World War II, the Dutch, the Polish speak Polish the whole time. They drill, they just show you exactly what’s going on and what would have been going on in World War II,” said Shuttz.

The reenactment will take place on June 9 and 10 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.