Be On The Lookout For Unregistered Contractors

If you have damage at your residence from Tuesday morning’s storms, be careful who you hire to make repairs on your property.

Knox City Building Administrator Greg Matt asks you to exercise caution and make sure the contractor has registered with the City of Knox before you agree to any contract. Matt explains that when the registration is complete, the contractor will receive proof that he is registered with the city.

“They get a card to carry in their wallet that shows that they’re registered with the City of Knox,” said Matt. “Their vehicles also get hang-tags that have a registration number and says ‘City of Knox’. If someone comes to your door, you have every right to ask to see this identification.”

He tells you what you should do if they do not have their registration card.

“If they don’t have it, tell them they need to come to City Hall, get registered, and then you’ll talk to them,” Matt explained.

Matt said that he’s had several companies register this week, but you still need to be cautious.

“I’ve had calls from numerous tree contractors and from roofing companies and they’re getting registered, but others won’t be registered,” Matt said. “You’ll have no recourse if they take off and don’t finish the job or don’t do it properly. You’re just going to get stuck.”

If you have any questions, call Greg Matt’s office at (574) 772-5445.