Culver Town Manager David Schoeff Busy With Numerous Projects

Recently-hired Culver Town Manager David Schoeff already has his work cut out for him, as the Town of Culver has a number of projects currently underway. Schoeff says one very important thing they are working on is a comprehensive plan project, which he says highlights some of the best aspects of the town.

“We want to redo the comprehensive plan, which obviously is a guidance document on how the community sees the town growing and prospering and so on,” Schoeff explained. “So that’s one thing, and with a town like Culver, this community has a lot of various assets that we need to identify. From an outsider looking in, it’s easy for me to see them, but for someone that may reside here for a long period of time, it kind of gets lost in the shuffle.”

He says the plan will identify those assets and try to draw them out, and putting them in the document will ensure Culver grows around those resources. Schoeff has been working with the Planning Commission and other folks in the community to construct the comprehensive plan, and he says the document would put the town in a strong position to receive potential grants. Also aiding in grant eligibility is the OCRA-funded sewer upgrade project, a downtown revitalization project, and Schoeff says the town is also working on becoming a member of Indiana Main Street – a vital membership, according to Schoeff, when it comes to obtaining grant money to revitalize downtown and business districts.

“My primary goal, personally, is to make sure that we find ways to keep this community progressing forward, growing and, as I call it, maturing. With a community such as this, you just have so many different varieties in a small location. And I think that some people might see that as challenges, but I see them as assets, and they all complement each other very well. And it’s just time that we let the world know about it,” said Schoeff.

Schoeff says most of his time has been spent getting acclimated to the town, meeting people and finding out what goals each organization has to ensure they know he’s available to assist them and act as liaison to the town council.