Donnelly Appreciative Of Emergency Grazing During Drought

Joe Donnelly
Congressman Joe Donnelly

The U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Indiana Farm Service Agency announced yesterday that 22 counties throughout Indiana have been authorized for emergency grazing of Conservation Reserve Program lands.

Congressman Joe Donnelly says he’s pleased with the recent decision to allow grazing, which he says will greatly benefit farmers.

“I am pleased that the USDA and the Indiana Farm Service Agency authorized the emergency grazing of CRP acres,” Donnelly said. “The drought has caused Indiana’s fields to suffer, limiting the food options for the livestock that rely on those crops from those fields for food. Today’s announcement authorizing 22 counties for emergency grazing will give farmers more flexibility as they seek to provide adequate hay and forage to feed their livestock.”

Donnelly represents two of the 22 authorized counties, Cass and Fulton, which are located in Indiana’s Second Congressional District.

Farmers interested in emergency grazing of CRP lands should request written approval from the local FSA office before grazing the acreage. Farmers would have previously received a 25 percent annual payment reduction for CRP acres used for emergency grazing, but Secretary Vilsack recently announced that this opening will only provide a 10 percent reduction.