Knox-Center Township Fire Department Receives Equipment Donation

The Knox-Center Township Fire Department recently received a piece of equipment from Starke County Farm Bureau and the Starke County Co-Op. Fire Chief Kenny Pfost said the donation was received thanks to a grant applied for and awarded to the two entities.

“They gave us a grain bin rescue tool,” explained Pfost. “This will assist us if someone is trapped in a grain bin or silo and it can be used for various other things as far as sand or gravel or something like that.”

He explains how the apparatus works.

“This tube slips over the top of the person and as we are moving the material from around them, the tube slides down and it prevents more material from trapping the person further,” said Pfost.

The firefighters recently outfitted a new brush truck.

“We got a brush truck at the end of last year. We just completed it a couple of months ago so it’s ready to go. We received the cab and chassis and we had a bed put on it so we could put the tank in it and plumping, hoses and all of the wiring,” Pfost said.

Pfost said that it has been in use since completing the project.