Knox Skate Park Committee To Be Established

Knox City Council

Knox Mayor Rick Chambers announced this week that he and Chris McLaughlin of Werks BMX in Knox will be forming a committee to discuss ideas for improving the skate park – this after McLaughlin informed the city council that they need to find a way to raise funds to maintain the skate park.

Chambers said that the skate park had only been designed with a five-to-eight year life expectancy before it would need some heavy maintenance, and that deadline is quickly approaching. It was pointed out that there are grants available that the city can look into to have the skate park redone, but the price of such a project is pretty steep.

McLaughlin explained that the ideal park would be concrete, requiring very little maintenance. However, he says such parks can cost as much as $1 million, but he says he would like the skate park to maintain some of its wood equipment because it is also suitable for BMX bikes.

One fundraising idea has already been put into place: McLaughlin told the council that a professional BMX team will make an appearance in the skate park on Saturday, and he says it’s going to be a very large event. He says at least 150 to 200 people are expected to participate – a very large event for such an area.

Ultimately, it was decided that a committee would be established to discuss fundraising options as well as ideas to improve the park. The Knox City Council will next meet on Tuesday, July 24, when they will establish the committee and appoint members.