Marshall County Council Approves Appropriation Requests

A number of additional appropriations were approved by the Marshall County Council at their recent meeting. One such appropriation was approved for the Highway Department, which requested an additional $250,000 to appropriate all of the county department budgets for vehicle maintenance supplies such as gasoline and diesel. According to Marshall County Auditor Penny Lukenbill, the department has agreements with Marshall-Starke Development Center and Older Adult Services to allow them to purchase gasoline from the highway department and reimburse them. The money that the organizations pay goes back into the general fund, so the department will occasionally request that the money be appropriated back into their budget so they can continue purchasing fuel.

A grant appropriation from the Sheriff’s Department was approved for $1500 to allow them to purchase a radar unit, and the Probation Department was approved for a $120,000 appropriation toward juvenile detention.

A resolution was also approved at the meeting to transfer appropriations from the two local 911 funds into the new statewide 911 fund, which was combined at the state level legislatively this year.