NJSP Schools Pleased With ISTEP Scores

North Judson-San Pierre Superintendent Lynn Johnson

The ISTEP scores at the North Judson-San Pierre School Corporation improved overall this year, according to Superintendent Lynn Johnson.

“This year’s results were very good,” said Johnson. “Our three-year trend has shown some significant gains. Our fourth graders scored 86 percent in math and the fifth graders had 91 percent.”

Johnson said the results show in the corporation’s analysis of the three-year trend.

“We had an overall population increase of 14 percent in grades three through eight, but when you also look at the sub-groups, for instance Free and Reduced, there was a 15.5 percent gain and a 16.3 percent gain in our special education population.”

A lot of work by the students and the staff helped improve ISTEP scores.

“We’ve put a lot of strategies and interventions in place to make sure kids master their skills and these interventions are working. We’re very pleased with this year’s results.”