North Judson Household Causes Sewer Clog Over The Weekend

North Judson Town Board

One North Judson resident had to deal with a smelly situation Sunday night after a lift station pump plugged up, causing sewage to seep up into their home. North Judson Town Council President Wendy Hoppe commended Town Superintendent Marshall Horstmann and his three-man crew for their quick response and diligent effort in rectifying the situation, which was reportedly caused by a North Judson resident who had flushed an item down the toilet that had clogged up the sewer system.

The lift station pump was permanently damaged from the clog, and Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry emphasized the fact that nothing should be flushed down the toilet except for human waste and toilet paper. She says that while an item may be labeled as “flushable,” that’s not always the case. The item may flush down the toilet, but it’s not unlikely that it will get stuck in the sewer system and cause further problems down the line.

Horstmann and his crew were called out late Sunday night and worked for four hours to get the situation under control and prevent any further backups.

Flushing items down the toilet might seem convenient, but its very expensive and time-consuming for the community. Because of the burned-out sewer pump, taxpayer dollars will now have to fund the purchase of a new pump for the system, and one North Judson household has a very inconvenient cleanup ahead of them.

Henry discourages all residents from flushing disposable diapers, paper towels, or any other item besides toilet paper. The situation has since been resolved and no other North Judson resident has reported a problem.