Ted Hayes Begins New Career

WKVI Groundbreaking in 1987 (L to R) LeRoy Gudeman, Harold Weinberg, Tom Bell, Ted Hayes, Ralph Harbison and Mike Gurrado (missing from the picture-Almo Smith)

To all of my WKVI friends,

Today, I begin a second career in Knox.  After 43 years at the radio station, I have formed a new company, Hayes Media Solutions.  In the early stages, I will be publicizing information from IU Health Starke Hospital.  In my almost 50 years in broadcasting, I have always been interested in health-related issues, so this new task will be a labor of love.

Being on the Hospital Community Board for the past three years, I have been privy to some exciting new about what is happening at our hospital now, and what could be happening in the future.  In my new role with the marketing team, I’ll be bringing forth information from IU Health Starke Hospital.

Before closing, I’d like to say that it’s been a pleasure for over four decades being part of what I consider to be a Kankakee Valley treasure, WKVI Radio.  I’ve worked with some incredible people down through the years and have seen many careers blossom at 99.3 FM and 1520 AM.  Over 150 professional and budding announcers have spoken over the microphones during my time at the station.  I know the tradition will continue with Tom, Jerry, Lenny, Anita, Ben, Harold and Nathan.

Although not on a regular basis, I will be heard from time to time over these familiar airwaves.  You may hear me on some commercials or helping the staff at the radio station in the promotion of worthwhile community projects.

You can believe that I’ve always considered it a privilege to come into your homes through the magic of radio.  You’ve been more than listeners, you’ve been my friends and I do love you dearly.  Thank you for your kindness and above all, thank you for the memories.


Ted Hayes