Three Texans Found With Stolen Walmart Electronics

Three Texas residents were arrested Wednesday after a routine traffic stop.

An officer with the Plymouth Police Department pulled over a vehicle owned by Abel Leal who was operating the vehicle without a license. He and a passenger, Daniel Izaquirre, 26, were arrested after the officer recognized them as being involved in a theft incident at Walmart on July 19.

Police searched two motel rooms registered to the suspects at the Red Rock Inn in Plymouth and found stolen electronics. The electronics are believed to be the items stolen from Walmart on July 19.

Leal, 22, was arrested on preliminary charges of Theft and Operator Never Licensed while Izaquirre was arrested for Assisting a Criminal, and Theft. A third individual, Gabriel Leal, 18, was arrested on a preliminary charge of Theft and Illegal Consumption. All three are from Pharr, Texas.