Winamac Man Arrested At Gunpoint Following Pursuit

A Winamac man was arrested early Wednesday after a brief police pursuit.

Pulaski County officers were following a vehicle on County Road 175 North near 1100 West and when they ran vehicle’s information through the system, they found that the owner, 22-year-old Kit Matthes, is a Habitual Traffic Violator. Police attempted to pull over the vehicle, but Matthes did not stop.

An officer attempted to get in front of the vehicle at the intersection of State Road 39 and 200 North, and Matthes went off the right side of the roadway to go around the police vehicle and narrowly avoided hitting the cruiser by a few inches before continuing. Matthes finally pulled into his driveway at 2979 North and 800 West where Matthes and the passenger, Levi Frasure, were ordered out of the vehicle at gunpoint. They were taken into custody.

Frasure was released, but Matthes faces preliminary charges of Operating a Vehicle as a Traffic Violator, Resisting Law Enforcement and Criminal Recklessness with a Vehicle. The prosecutor will review the charges and the case. Matthes has since bonded out of the Pulaski County Jail.