Work Release Escapee Returned To Jail

After two days fleeing from police, 24-year-old Travis Owens was arrested and returned to the custody of the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department. Owen had walked away from his work release assignment at S & S Precast in Winamac on Tuesday, July 10, just a short time after he had reportedly told a coworker that he “couldn’t handle the time anymore” and he was leaving.

Owens had been working at S & S Precast since June 20 as part of a work release program.

When police received a call from Meghan Allen, an employee of the business, informing them that Owens had walked off the site, a dispatch was immediately broadcast to all local and area police to stay on the lookout for Owens. The immediate search was unsuccessful.

Fortunately, the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office found Owens on Thursday, July 12, and took him into custody on a local warrant. He now faces an additional preliminary charge of Escape.