Bridge 291 Project in Pulaski County Out For Bids in October

Pulaski County Commissioners Tracey Shorter, Kenneth Boswell, Michael Tiede

Jeff Larrison of United Consulting presented the Pulaski County Commissioners with an update on the Bridge 291 project this week.

The last two expenses for the Combs property, which was acquired as part of the construction project, were presented to the commissioners. The Combs property was acquired and their moving expenses were paid in accordance with INDOT guidelines, which allow up to $25,000 to be paid to the owners of a property that are required to relocate.

Larrison told the commissioners that an $8400 relocation expense must be paid to the property owners on top of a $13,646.50 figure for moving expenses. This is based on an estimate given to Combs from a moving company, but Larrison says the Combs family actually moved themselves, but INDOT guidelines require the county to pay for the moving expenses in any case. Fortunately, Larrison pointed out that the county does get 80 percent of that expense back.

Larrison said that now that the relocation and moving fees have been taken care of, it’s likely that the construction work will go out for bids in October.