City of Knox To Purchase Old Laundromat

Knox City Council

The Knox City Council this week approved the use of $15,000 from the Economic Development Income Tax fund to purchase the property at 64 E. Lake St. in Knox, better known as the old laundromat.

The city had been interested in purchasing the property several years ago, but at that time, the property was tied up in court litigation and consequently unable to be transferred to the city, but Mayor Rick Chambers says they believe that litigation has been settled. He says the city would purchase the property for $15,000 and demolish it to expand the small park area adjacent to it.

Chambers says he has had a few demolition contractors look the building over, and they estimate it will cost roughly another $15,000 for the demolition. The building would be torn down, the foundation removed, and the basement filled, before a layer of black dirt would be left on top. Chambers went on to say that within the building are 35–40 washers and dryers, which he says could be scrapped for anywhere from $500 to $1000 dollars.

Chambers will notify the owners of the property that the council has approved the funds to proceed with the purchase, and the matter will likely be discussed further at the next meeting.