Knox City Council Approves Stormwater Rate Ordinance

Knox City Council

The Knox City Council at their recent meeting approved an ordinance on its third and final reading amending the city’s sewer and stormwater rates.

Since the city has constructed a sewage system to collect sewage and waste, and convey it to a treatment plant for treatment and disposal, the city council approved the ordinance to establish a department to address the city’s stormwater needs. The ordinance also created a stormwater fund and established stormwater rates.

Any lot, parcel, or building connected to the city’s sanitary sewer system, or any property that discharges sanitary sewage or other wastes into the sanitary sewer systems of the city, will be required to pay a $1 charge per month to connect to the sewer system. On Aug. 1, 2013, that cost will increase to $2 per month.

Revenues generated from the stormwater rates shall be deposited into the stormwater fund created by the ordinance.