Marsh Manor Purchased In Tax Sale – Buyer Unhappy

Knox City Council

Knox City Attorney David Matsey told the city council this week that Marsh Manor, located at 304 S. Main St., was recently sold in the county’s online tax sale.

Matsey says the woman who purchased the property was unaware that the building had previously caught fire, and he says she paid about $15,000 in a bidding war on the property. The back-taxes on the property are currently around $18,000.

Matsey says the winning bidder also did not know that the inside of the building had been gutted by the fire, and she asked the county if she could get her money back on the property. Unfortunately for the buyer, all sales are final, so Matsey says the woman then asked for the second-highest bidder’s contact information so she could contact them to see if they were still interested in purchasing the property in the hopes of getting some of her investment back.

Matsey says the woman had purchased the property in the hopes of turning it into a four-unit apartment building that she could rent out.