North Judson Town Council Discusses “Urban Chicken” Issue

The North Judson Town Council this week discussed what some council members are referring to as the “urban chicken” issue. Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry explained that because the town does not have an ordinance regulating farm animals within town limits, the council will be reviewing information concerning domestic and farm animals in the town. The town currently has an ordinance for domestic animals, and Henry said they may revise the ordinance to regulate urban farm animals as well.

Henry explained that the council is discussing this matter because several people in town have chickens and other livestock in their back yard and because the town has no rules prohibiting the animals from being kept outside at a residence within the town limits, their hands are tied.

The town council will be gathering information about ordinances in effect in other communities regarding the raising of urban farm animals, and Henry says they will likely draft a revised ordinance regulating what animals can and cannot be raised or kept in town limits.