Two Arrested At Walmart For Possession of Precursors

Plymouth Police Department officers arrested two people on Friday night after receiving a call from Walmart employees who stated that the individuals had purchased methamphetamine precursors.

One suspect, Jennifer Snellenberger of Angola, took items back to Walmart, giving officers a chance to run her driver’s license information through the system, and they learned she had a suspended driver’s license.

The officer pulled over the suspect’s vehicle in the Walmart parking lot. The officer saw the passenger, Jesse Napier of Waterloo, with drain cleaner in his possession and Snellenberger reportedly told police that she didn’t have a valid driver’s license.

Snellenberger and Napier were arrested on a preliminary charge of Possession of Precursors.

That wasn’t the first time Plymouth police officers made an arrest at Walmart on Friday. Mandi Polstra, 33, of Rochester was arrested earlier in the day on a preliminary charge of Theft after she reportedly stole items from the store.