Two Plea Guilty To Theft At Residence In Knox

Starke County Courthouse

Two people pleaded guilty to counts of Theft as Class D felonies in the Starke Circuit Court on Wednesday.

Stephen Wood and David Miller were arrested on Wednesday, Jan. 28 following an alleged burglary incident, and the pair pleaded guilty to Theft as part of a plea agreement. Charges of Class B felony Burglary will be dropped as part of the agreement upon sentencing with a recommended sentence of 18 months for both, with nine months suspended.

The pair will appear in the Starke Circuit Court again on Sept. 27 at 9:00 a.m. for their sentencing hearings.

Starke County police say they received a call about a truck parked at a home that wasn’t supposed to be there, and when police investigated, they stopped a vehicle driven by Wood, who told police that they were on their way to Miller’s house and police let them go. Shortly afterward, police were told that a man was seen running southbound on 300 East, and when the man, later identified as James Keller, was taken into custody, he reportedly admitted to police that the trio went to the home of Phillip Frazier twice and he and Wood stole silver dollars and coins. Keller went into the home the second time to take more money.

The three were arrested on preliminary charges of Burglary, Trespassing, Theft, Resisting Law Enforcement and Residential Entry.