Knox Man Arrested After Alleged Stabbing Incident

A Knox man was arrested Wednesday morning after allegedly attacking and stabbing a woman during an argument.

Knox City Police officers were called to 305 Bender Street after a caller reported a domestic disturbance. When police arrived on scene, Dennis Hamilton and the female victim stated that they didn’t need any help and the officers left. A short time later, police were called back to the scene after Hamilton and the victim allegedly continued arguing to the point where it got violent.

During the argument, Hamilton had reportedly grabbed a large barrel and hit the woman with it before throwing her onto a bed and climbing on top of her, restricting her breathing. The victim’s brother then grabbed Hamilton by the hair and pulled him off the woman. A struggle between the two ensued, taking the pair into the kitchen where the fighting escalated to a point where Hamilton grabbed a knife and started swinging it around, threatening the woman and her brother. Hamilton then allegedly stabbed the woman in the wrist and left a one-inch wound. The brother grabbed a screen door shock and hit Hamilton on the head with it. Hamilton then left the residence.

Police later located and arrested Dennis Hamilton, 49, of Knox and he has been formally charged with two counts of Battery with a Deadly Weapon, Domestic Battery with a Prior Conviction, Strangulation, three counts of Intimidation, Invasion of Privacy, and Battery.