Marshall County Commissioners Consider Amendment to Speed Limit Ordinance

The Marshall County Commissioners may receive a draft amendment to a speed limit ordinance today that would lower the posted speed limit on 12th Road and Peach Road.

A traffic study was conducted by Highway Superintendent Neal Haeck in which counters were placed on 12th Road, a half-mile west of Olive Road and on Peach Road between the lakes to Menominee Drive. The results showed an average speed of 37 mph which is less than the posted speed limit of 40 mph.

The purpose of this study was to ensure that traffic was traveling below 40 mph so the speed limit could be lowered to 35 mph to accommodate golf cart use. The commissioners had passed a golf cart ordinance to allow the carts to be used only on roads with a speed limit of 35 mph or less. The commissioners have never lowered a speed limit for any other purpose than safety.

The commissioners will wait to formally approve this request after the attorney presents them with an amendment to the current ordinance.