Medaryville Man Arrested For Drug Possession

A Medaryville man was arrested Tuesday after police found him to be in possession of drugs.

Two Pulaski County Sheriff’s deputies learned through anonymous tips that David and Brenda Conley were reportedly manufacturing methamphetamine at their Medaryville residence.

The deputies arrived at the residence and parked behind Conley’s vehicle. David Conley exited the vehicle and police announced their presence. Conley reportedly then began to reach into his front pants pocket while turning away from the officer. The officer asked to pat down Conley for weapons and he agreed. The officer felt a prescription pill bottle in his pocket. Conley took the unlabeled bottle out of his pocket and police found that it contained two off-white rock-like objects. The officer noted that these were pill fragments of an illegal substance. Conley allegedly told police that the substance was not a prescription, but methamphetamine.

Conley, 35, denied manufacturing the drug and denied police consent to search his property. He was arrested on a preliminary charge of Possession of Methamphetamine.