State Representative Dermody Accepts Farm Bureau Endorsement

State Rep. Tom Dermody accepts the Farm Bureau nomination from District One Director Larry Jernas.

State Representative Tom Dermody made an appearance in Starke County this week to accept his endorsement from Farm Bureau. Dermody accepted the endorsement at the farm of Larry Jernas, District One Director for Indiana Farm Bureau.

Jernas said the state board recently approved their recommendation, finalizing the endorsement.

“We interview all the candidates, and each district has several candidates within that district that are running for state senator and representative. We interviewed Mr. Dermody at a local level and then they passed that recommendation on to the state, and the state board approved that and made the endorsement,” said Jernas.

Dermody said he was very excited about the endorsement, saying he was honored to be recognized by such an important organization.

“I’m very excited about the endorsement from Farm Bureau. It’s great to be here with the Jernases to accept that endorsement; I’ve had a long-standing relationship with Farm Bureau, working together, whether it was for the log-jam situation was for funding for the Kankakee River that we brought back here to Knox, to Starke County, to LaPorte County. So, I’m very excited – Farm Bureau is an important part to the state of Indiana, representing all the farming communities, so again, I’m very honored to have this endorsement,” said Dermody.

Agriculture is very important to this area, and Dermody recognized that. He says it’s extremely important to listen to Hoosier farmers, especially in light of this year’s terrible farming conditions.

“We really need to help the agricultural communities. We can’t continue to raise tax, and the state of Indiana has to do what we can do to protect the farmers, allow them to do what they need to do and protect our crop. They’ve obviously had a tough year here. There’s many formulas and things that go on to see what the taxes are going to be, but it’s important to be here, listen to them, and see what their issues are,” said Dermody.