Two Winamac Men Arrested After Threatening Police

Two Winamac residents were arrested after resisting law enforcement and threatening the police on Sunday.

Pulaski County police received a noise complaint at 310 North and 300 West and, when they arrived at the location, several people fled the area. One officer was approached by a man later identified as Mitchel Shidler and began talking to him about what was going on at that location. As the conversation went on, the officer noted in his report that Shidler became a little more agitated. It got to the point where he was reportedly combative and was tased by the officer to get him to comply to the command of putting his hands behind his back. He was taken into custody.

Just as the officer was getting the situation under control, he heard someone shouting, “I will kill you!” Another officer had followed one subject from the scene and was in a foot chase with him. The officer reportedly told him to stop and he didn’t. Billy Shidler, Jr. had tripped over a small fence and the officer yelled for him to stop or he would be tased. Shidler, Jr. stopped and spoke with the officer. During the conversation, Shidler saw a vehicle coming toward him and started yelling for help. He thought it was his dad in the truck when in fact it was his mother. His mother got out of the truck and urged her son to calm down. She started to walk toward her son and the officer told her not come closer and Shidler got irate with the officer and threatened to kill him. Shidler, Jr. began to clinch his fist and walk toward the officer when the officer deployed his taser. Shidler fell over and rolled several times snapping the wires of the taser. He then told the officer that he would shoot him.

He ran toward his house and the officer went back to the initial scene of the party. It was then he heard two gunshots. Additional officers arrived at the scene and were able to take Shidler, Jr. into custody without further incident.

Mitchel Shidler, 27, was arrested on preliminary charges of Resisting Law Enforcement and Disorderly Conduct while Billy Shidler, Jr., 19, was arrested on preliminary charges of Resisting Law Enforcement, Minor Consuming and Disorderly Conduct. This case has been forwarded to the Pulaski County Prosecutor’s Office for further review.