Wythogan Park Walkway Now Completely Safe, Says Byer

Knox City Council

The Knox City Council learned last night that the cleanup at Wythogan Park should be complete today or tomorrow, but Park Superintendent George Byer said that does not include cleanup toward the back of the park. He said the walkway area will be completely cleared this week after more than 125 tree stumps were ground down and more than 40 root balls removed from the walking path area.

Mayor Rick Chambers requested permission from the council to use funds that had been previously approved to cut down cottonwood trees in the park. He said they had planned to use $1500 to remove the trees because they thought they were growing into the sewer lines, which could cause severe problems, but he said the loggers working on the park’s cleanup were able to remove those trees at no additional cost.

Because of that, Chambers requested permission from the council to use those funds to remove two trees near the waste water treatment plant in the park. He said a tree trimmer would have to start cutting at the top of the tree and work his way down, because there is no safe area to fell the tree. The council approved his request.

Byer said they still have at least 100 trees to cut down and grind out toward the back of the park, but the park is once again safe for visitors.