Giant Pumpkin Weigh-in at Hensler Nursery

John Barenie and his 1,233 pound pumpkin!

The winner of the 2012 Giant Pumpkin Contest at Hensler Nursery is John Barenie from Griffith, IN with his contest-winning 1,233 pound pumpkin. John had a clean pumpkin sweep this summer winning his local Lake County Fair, the Indiana State Fair and the Indiana Pumpkin Growers Association contest hosted at Hensler Nursery. Barenie still holds the record for largest pumpkin grown in Indiana with his 1,308 pound pumpkin which won the recognition at the Grower Association contest hosted at Hensler Nursery in 2011. In 2011, Barenie began his string of victories winning first at the Indiana State Fair, and then at the Hensler contest.

The 2012 Giant Pumpkin winners at Hensler Nursery on Saturday, October 6, 2012 are as follows:

1st John Barenie from Griffith, IN – 1,233 lbs.
2nd Chuck Ellsworth from Jefferson, OH – 1,204 lbs.
3rd Donald Williamson from Cedar Lake, IN – 1,079 lbs.
4th David Beachy from Woodburn, IN – 713 lbs.
5th Tom Beachy from Fort Wayne, IN – 693 lbs.
6th Max Miller from Dunkirk, IN – 663 lbs.
7th Kaleb Miller from Hartford City, IN – 441 lbs.
8th Judy Barenie from Griffith, IN – 385 lbs.
9th Mark Goodman from Marion, IN – 252 lbs.
10th Jim Bok from Cecil, OH –  241 lbs.
11th Tom Gary from Indianapolis, IN – 237 lbs.
12th Kelly Klinker from Woodburn, IN – 147 lbs.
13th Jeff Young from Noblesville, IN – 92 lbs.

More pumpkins are weighed for the contest

In another competition, Gary Max brought a long gourd he grew measuring 100 5/8” long for a new state record. Coming in second place was Jeff Young from Noblesville, IN with his 79 3/8” long gourd.

Tom Gary from Indianapolis placed first with his 148 pound watermelon. Jeff Young had a first place with his 22.37 pound cantaloupe. Largest hard-stem pumpkin was grown by Tom Beachy from Fort Wayne. Beachy also exhibited the largest tomato at the contest, weighing 2.45 pounds.

The Howard Dill award went to Chuck Ellsworth of Jefferson, OH for the prettiest pumpkin. Ellsworth also received the award for the longest drive. Tim Bok of Cecil, OH earned the award for the ugliest pumpkin.

Submitted by John Hensler.  Photos submitted by Terry Hensler.