Knox City Council Discusses Gateway Agreement

Knox City Council

The Knox City Council this week discussed the proposed agreement from Knox Gateway, Inc., which includes several buildings, improvements, and parcels that Gateway wishes to transfer to the city.

The agreement includes the former Nickel Plate railroad depot building, storage building, signal tower, watchman’s tower, signage, and 1970 caboose at 400 North Heaton Street on both the east and west sides of U.S. 35. The Fennema House, also included in the agreement, is located on West Water Street.

Mayor Rick Chambers said they need to find out what the city would like to do with the Fennema House property and send Gateway more information on what they intend to do with it. While no concrete use was established, the council discussed possibly using it as an additional entrance to the park.

Chambers also said that he would like to remove a portion of the agreement that requires the city to fulfill the terms of an INDOT Transportation Enhancement Grant because the grant is no longer available. The agreement also requires the city to insure the properties, and Chambers said the agreement needs to be revised to be less open-ended.

The council will review the agreement and send their revisions to the mayor to be further discussed at the next meeting.