Knox Man Arrested For Receiving Stolen Property

Knox police officers arrested Samuel Singleton after he allegedly sold items stolen from a home in Knox to the pawn shop.

On the afternoon of Dec. 6, a woman called police to report her home had been broken into while she was at school, and the perpetrator stole her television and laptop computer. The victim told police that Samuel Singleton knew where the items were.

Singleton told police that when the victim had gone to school, he had stayed at her home with her permission under the condition that no one else be at the home. The victim, however, told a different story; she said Singleton was not supposed to be at her home while she was at school. On top of that, the statement Singleton had filed with the police department did not match the story he told police.

The items were recovered from the pawn shop and identified by the victim as the computer and television that had been stolen from her residence.

Singleton was arrested and booked on charges of Receiving Stolen Property as a Class D felony. While being searched by jail staff, they noticed a Marlboro cigarette pack with four marijuana cigarettes, and he was additionally charged with Possession of Marijuana as a Class A misdemeanor.