Knox Board of Works Approves Storm Water Proposal for New Jail

Knox Board of Public Works
Knox Board of Public Works

The Knox Board of Public Works this week approved a request by the DLZ Corporation regarding storm water drainage at the new Starke County Jail site. DLZ representatives and a representative for the Starke County Commissioners made a proposal to expand the existing retention basin and add another basin behind the building. The storm water would not run into the city storm water system, but would make use of the basins and disperse naturally.

Territorial Engineering has issued its approval for the plan and feel its a thorough one that would meet the intent of the city’s storm water ordinance. A representative for Territorial Engineering also recommended to the board that they not require a bond for this work because it’s only a small part of a massive construction project and the work is not affecting the city’s storm water system.

The project would double the size of the pond in front of the building near State Road 8, but it would expand it toward the building, not the road.

The board passed a motion approving the request to proceed with the excavation with no requirement of a bond.