Lift Station Project Experiences Slight Delay


The Knox Board of Public Works received an update on the lift station project at the corner of Clabaugh Drive and Heaton Street (U.S. 35). A small setback was experienced when hatches weren’t installed as instructed by the manufacturer. That required some cement work to be redone and has created a small delay in the project. Selge Construction should be resuming work today.

A representative from Territorial Engineering reported to the board that due to time constraints, the construction company has agreed to forgo part of the contract that asked for a 30-day start-up period to work out any kinks in the new system before completely decommissioning the existing lift station. If any kinks were to be found, the old lift station would be utilized until the issue was fixed.

Since the weather is starting to turn, officials believe that it would be in the best interest just to get the new lift station in use without the 30-day start-up period. If any issues arise, a bypass plan has been put into place and the company would take full responsibility for any necessary work needed to repair the issue with the new lift station.

The board approved this change, as well as another change order and a pay application in the amount of $115,736.26.