Knox Board of Works Approves Pay App for Lift Station Pump

Knox Board of Public Works
Knox Board of Public Works

The lift station for the city of Knox is reportedly “beyond its last legs,” according to an official with the city water department. Bob Alloy with Territorial Engineering approached the Knox Board of Works this week and explained that a crew is still working to try to get the new pump operational, having already visited the city six times previously to try to repair the problematic pump.

Alloy told the board that the company installing the new pump has submitted a pay application for $15,962.62 for the pump. He said the company is now working on replacing the propeller in the hopes of getting it to perform as well as it should.

The Knox Water Department currently has one lift station working, but an official with the department said it’s failing fast and he doesn’t expect it to last to the end of the year. The city had hopes of retiring the existing lift station before the end of the year, but they do not want to replace the old lift station until the new one is operational.

The board approved the pay application.