Knox Fire Department Hoping to Extend Sidewalk

The 50/50 sidewalk replacement project for the city of Knox may include some work for the fire department’s sidewalk near Five Star. Mayor Rick Chambers told the city council this week that the city has received several applications for the sidewalk replacement project, and the fire department recently asked him if the city would consider extending the sidewalk on the west side of the fire department.

Chambers explained that when the highway became four lanes, sidewalks were installed near Five Star but they don’t come all the way up to the fire department. He said if there are any sidewalk funds available once all applications have been received, the city will consider it.

Chambers said there are a number of other projects coming up as well, including work on the police department building to stem a water problem. He said the floor may need cut out to install a dry well. Also, a police officer resigned recently after being with the city for only a year and 10 months, and Chambers said they will be looking back at prior applications to see if any applicant is still available.