Marshall County EMA Director Provides Quarterly Update to Commissioners

Marshall County Emergency Management Agency Director Clyde Avery discussed some items with the Marshall County Commissioners Monday morning.

Avery told the commissioners that he recently met with the EMA advisory council and discussed the County Emergency Management Plan. The members agreed that some minor changes need to be made and those changes will be forthcoming for the advisory council’s approval and for the approval of the commissioners.

The plan was reassessed after all of the action plans initiated with the winter storms this season.

The commissioners also gave Avery approval to apply for the 2013 Emergency Management Performance Grant for 50 percent salary reimbursement as Avery has achieved the points necessary for the grant application.

In his quarterly report, Avery advised that he had six responses to emergencies,- five of which were winter storms and one was flooding related. The winter storm events were recorded on Jan. 5-7, Jan. 25-27, Feb. 4-5, Feb. 17, and March 12.

The commissioners also approved a request of an internship from a Michigan City resident to work in the EMA office. Jefferson Stewart will be interning in the office from May 12 to July 18.