Marshall County Remains Under Travel Advisory, EMA Gets Grant Request Approval


Marshall County remains under a travel advisory as water has ponded in roadways.

Emergency Management Agency Director Clyde Avery told WKVI that water is standing on Olive Road between 4th and 4B Road and the advisory will remain until that area and other clear up.

The Marshall County Commissioners approved Avery’s grant request Monday morning.

A grant for up to $25,000 is available from the Department of Homeland Security to improve the 800mhz radio system to the P-25 system. Avery explained that the P-25 system allows more users and it’s the preferred radio system of the county. The current radios would be upgraded.

The grant is a reimbursable grant, meaning that the county would have to pay for the upgrade upfront and then apply for the funds from the state.

The commissioners approved the request and Avery will send out a letter indicating that the county is interested in being considered for the grant.