Knox City Council Approves Burn Permit

Knox City Council
Knox City Council

The Knox City Council last night discussed a proposed burn permit to clear timber from the Industrial Park in Knox for expansion purposes.

Bob Aloi from Territorial Engineering explained the process of the air curtain that will be used at the site so smoke won’t be an issue. He said the contractor, Thomas Excavating, will dig a hole that will not exceed ten feet wide and an apparatus will be used to help circulate the air so the particles and smoke will not be seen so permeate into the air.

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management has approved a strict permit application and will be on site in order to review the process. Officials will be sure to inspect that the process is completed as permitted.

Starke County Economic Development Director Charles Weaver said the timber needs to be cleared in order to make way for development space. There is no green space for industry to develop so trees are being felled to accommodate the need to build more industry and create more jobs.  He also explained that burning the timber is the most cost effective way to remove the material.

After the explanation of the process in which the timber is to be burned and further explanation from contractor Jason Young for Thomas Excavating, the city council members approved the burn permit and waived the $200 per day local burn permit fee.

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