Beware of State Tax Scam


State officials warn of a national telephone scam targeting Hoosiers. Callers claim to represent the Indiana Department of Revenue and say there is an outstanding tax warrant in the taxpayer’s name. They claim local law enforcement is on the way to arrest the taxpayer unless the debt is paid over the telephone. The scam artist sounds convincing and professional. They often have personal information about the taxpayer and can alter the caller ID to appear more legitimate.

Department of Revenue officials stress they do not call taxpayers without first corresponding through the mail and does not threaten to use local law enforcement. Commissioner Mike Alley says taxpayers should not be afraid to hang up the telephone if they suspect they are being targeted by a scam artist.

If you owe Indiana taxes you will get a first notice in the mail that explains the amount of money due.
If unpaid, taxpayers receive a second notice in the mail alerting the taxpayers they have 10 days to pay. Tax warrants are not issued until this period has passed, and the taxpayer is sent a copy of the warrant. Moreover, despite the name “warrant,” a tax warrant cannot be used by law enforcement to make an arrest.

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