Culver Turns to Water Project Funding

culver town hall

Bids have been awarded, but now the Town of Culver is focusing on just how to fund upgrades to their water treatment facility.

The Culver Town Council has set a special meeting for June 2nd to adopt an ordinance allowing bonds to be issued to fund the $1.7-million. A separate ordinance specifying new rates for water consumption will also be introduced at the June 2nd meeting. The water rate ordinance will likely be adopted in mid-June.

Town Attorney Jim Clevenger says the rates may not be reflective of the project just yet due to an alternate bid for a storage facility at the site.

“The rates that will be advertised will be as if it included the storage facility at another $197-thousand, but if you decide you don’t want it, then we’ll have to tweak those rates,” says Clevenger.

During Tuesday night’s meeting, the Town Council awarded bids for two separate companies to upgrade the Town’s water treatment facility and provide a water holding tank.

The Town Council still has the remaining issue of whether to fluoridate the water supply. Council President Ginny Bess-Munroe says she’d like to hear more from the public.

“I’ve Googled it and you see this extreme over here of people anti-flouride and then you have the dentists over here,” says Munroe.

Savings of $24-thousand could be experienced by forgoing use of the tooth decay treatment.

Remaining portions of the project will be funded through the state revolving loan program.