Filing Error Prompts Recertification of North Judson Town Ordinances


Certain residents living in North Judson could be prevented from voting in this November’s election.

During Monday’s Starke County Election Board meeting, ordinances dealing with the annexation of property developments from 2001, as well as an ordinance dealing with the establishment of Town Wards from 2012 were reviewed.

North Judson Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry appeared before the board to say that way the ordinances were filed may present problems for this year’s election.

“If we did need to have a municipal election, it would be held, it’s just those outlying areas would not be able to vote,” says Henry.

The Town of North Judson, according to the discussion, did not record the ordinances with the Starke County Clerk’s office as required under state law. That means the Town must recertify the ordinances and record them with the Clerk before they’re recognized.

Because of this, certain segments of the population of North Judson, mostly outlying areas could be prevented from voting in this year’s General Municipal Election.

Starke County Election Board member Peg Brettin says more information is needed before making a recommendation.

“We’ll try, I think, with some conversation with the state to get them to understand what’s occurred here and we’ll see where they go with that,” says Brettin. “At the moment, we’re kind of in limbo.”

The Town of North Judson plans to recertify the ordinances this week. The Starke County Election Board said they intend to speak with the Secretary of State’s Election Division to understand the options available to Town residents who may be turned away at the polls.